Behavioral Treatment for Migraine


A large body of literature supports the efficacy of behavioral intervention for migraine. Behavioral therapies are often prescribed in conjunction with acute or preventive strategies to better manage headache disorders. Learn more about how cognitive-behavioral therapy, biofeedback and relaxation strategies work in conjunction with other treatment options to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine days.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Migraine: Q&A with Elizabeth Seng, PhD

Elizabeth Seng, PhD, FAHS, spoke with the American Headache Society about CBT and its place in migraine treatment.

News & Articles

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Migraine: Q&A | AHS

Elizabeth Seng, PhD, FAHS, recently spoke with the American Headache Society about cognitive behavioral therapy and its place in migraine treatment.Read More

Study Demonstrates Feasibility of Migraine-Specific CBT | AHS

A new study demonstrated the feasibility of developing a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program specifically for migraine patients.Read More

Barriers to Behavioral Therapy in Headache Management | AHS

This month’s article provides useful tools on how to gauge patient beliefs about behavioral therapy in order to provide optimal headache management.Read More

Patient Resources

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See why yoga is considered one of the many non-medical ways people can fight migraine—and how to add it to your treatment plan.Read More

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Mindfulness, defined as “paying attention in the present moment without judgment,” can help alleviate stress and, in some cases, prevent a migraine attack.Read More

Behavioral Treatment of Headache and Migraine Patients

Behavioral treatments such as biofeedback and muscle relaxation can reduce headaches. Learn about cognitive-behavioral therapy and if it's right for you.Read More

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