Diagnosing Migraine


With over 39 million people living with migraine and other severe headache disorders in the U.S., primary care practitioners are often the first point of contact for patients. Our experts outline the burden and epidemiology of headache disorders. You will also learn how to diagnose migraine as well as identify common migraine variants and other headache disorders.

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Headache 101 with Dr. Andrew Hershey

There are a number of aspects that Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, FAHS, counsels his patients on when they see him for headache treatment. In this video, he discusses the basics of headache diagnostics and treatment, and how to explain them to patients.

Migraine Symptoms on Non-headache Days

Patients with migraine often experience headache-like symptoms during the period between headache episodes, known as the interictal state. Juliana VanderPluym, MD, FAHS, shares how interictal state symptoms fit into the larger picture of life with migraine for some patients, and what we know about treatment options.

News & Articles

Infant Colic and Maternal Migraine Linked in New Study

Amy Gelfand, MD, FAHS, and her colleagues found a link between maternal migraine and increased chances of infant colic in a new study.Read More

Headache 101 with Dr. Andrew Hershey | American Headache Society

Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, FAHS, walks through the characteristics of headache and how they are classified, as well as how to explain them to patients.Read More

From the Journal: The Prevalence of Migraine and Severe Headache

Research extracting age, race/ethnicity, sex-standardaized and socioeconomic data characterizes the prevalence of migraine and headache.Read More


Headache Management over Telemedicine

Dr. Robblee shares tips for preparing a patient for a virtual visit, conducting a neurological exam over video, keeping patients out of the emergency room and more.

Patient Resources

What to do After a Migraine Diagnosis

To help those coping with a recent migraine diagnosis, lean on this guide to show you how to communicate your needs to your support network, and more. Read More

What Type of Headache Do You Have? | The American Migraine Foundation

Use our guide to help narrow down the most common types of migraine to find out what kind of headache you have. Read More

How to Explain Migraine | American Migraine Foundation

We asked our Move Against Migraine community to share exercises and analogies they find useful when they try to explain migraine to others.Read More

Modeling Migraine Conversations | American Migraine Foundation

Here are some tips to navigate migraine conversations to help you prepare to be your own best advocate at work, school or home.Read More

Migraine's Contributing Factors | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide on migraine's contributing factors. Read More

Talking to Your Doctor about Migrainel | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide: Talking to Your Doctor about Migraine.Read More

Explaining Your Migraine to Your Children So they Understand

Explaining migraine to your child is important to help them understand what their parent is going through. Here's a guide to get you started.Read More

Why Do I Have Migraine? | American Migraine Foundation

Dr. Andrew Hershey outlines migraine’s contributing factors and what you can do to prevent a migraine attack.Read More

Common Types of Migraine and Related Symptoms

Find out about the common types of migraine and their related symptoms from Dr. Nada Ahmad Hindiyeh in this Facebook Live recap.Read More

Over-the-Counter Medications vs. Prescription Medications | AMF

Find out whether over-the-counter medications or prescription medications are better for treating your migraine symptoms.Read More

Gepants and Ditans Therapies | American Migraine Foundation

Gepants and ditans are the latest treatments for migraine. Read more on how these treatments complement and differ from existing therapies.Read More

What to Do When Migraine Treatment Fails? | American Migraine Fdn.

Not every migraine treatment works for everyone. Learn how to talk to your doctor to create a treatment plan that works for you so you can get the relief you need.Read More

Migraine Emergency Survival Guide | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide: Migraine Emergency Survival GuideRead More

Understanding Migraine Medications | The American Migraine Foundation

Enter your name and email for a free download of our guide: Understanding Migraine MedicationsRead More

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